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Been away a while

On Sat 8th February 2014, 10:09 Jonathansays:

OK, so yet again I've been away a while, I really should get back to some regular posts. I've just been looking over the administration side of this site and removed well over 2,000 spam comments (which fortunately you didn't have the read!) - most came from the IP block which might be in the Ukraine. Either way, it shows I need to add some more anti-spam methods to the site. We'll add that to the list of things for the redesign.

Christmas was marred by the passing of my Grandfather, Alf. As Dad said at his funeral, "can't" wasn't in his vocabularly and he's quite right - I don't think I ever saw anything defeat him.

My sister got engaged at the end of December which is fantastic (and much needed good news). Good on you Mark.

I finished January with an event at BCS HQ run by the YPISG for which I'm the treasurer. This was a panel event with attendees invited to pose questions to 4 Information Security professionals and, based on the feedback, the event appears to have been useful. The YPISG website is here.

We're in the process of moving house, into my Grandparents' place, so there's lots of building work to be done. That starts on Monday and there's going to be a lot of changes. Just hope we don't upset the soon to be neighbours!