Command and Conquer 3
             Tiberium Wars

Contents at a glance:
  1. Overview
  2. Test machine specs
  3. The C&C3 menu
  4. Structures and units
  5. The Current Campaign
  6. Networked play and playability
  7. Stability and Judgement

Structures and units

Once again we add to the number of structures and units in the world but this time we change how they work - fabidoo. It isn't bad actually, a number of enhancements to game play and some toys you'll really want to get your teeth into.

First off we have squads. Gone are the days of training one grenadier and you now train one squad instead. Squad sizes vary and you don't loose the whole squad in one go, members of the team die individually which, though cruel, is rather cool. Grenadiers are certainly worth a mention at this point - builds can be garrissoned (as those familiar with Red Alert 2 will know) and grenadiers have the answer. Their rocket propelled grenades slip straight through the windows of any building, blowing the aggressor straight out the nearest hole - lovely ;)
A NOD Flame Tank
A NOD flame tank

The Scrin are another race that join the battles this time round - they have their own units and structures and seem to like Tiberium a lot. That's about all I can tell you at the moment as I haven't finished the game yet. Scrin units to watch out for are the Tripod Annihilators - just think war of the worlds and you're on the right track.

Repairing a Tiberium spike mid fight
Repairing a Tiberium spike mid fight
Repairing units is nice and easy too - just stand the wounded unit next to the structure that produced it and flying repair drones will begin the repair automatically. This is a welcome addition if ever I saw one - no more service depots for me! There is the downside that only 1 unit can be repaired at a time (even though there are 3 drones) but I don't think that's anything to cry about.

You still repair buildings with the spanner from no where and repair is shown by a glowing blue spanner. In the example left I'm repairing a Tiberium Spike (think RA2's Oil Derricks) after the NOD bad guy buggy to its right damaged it. If you look to its left I just polished of the buggy's buddy.

My favourite unit so far is the Orca, a nice flying thing of doom - thank goodness they don't make mosquitoes like that!

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