Command and Conquer 3
             Tiberium Wars

Contents at a glance:
  1. Overview
  2. Test machine specs
  3. The C&C3 menu
  4. Structures and units
  5. The Current Campaign
  6. Networked play and playability
  7. Stability and Judgement

Game Stability

The game itself seems relatively stable and smooth to run on both Deb and Parent. Exitting C&C3 on Parent does leave you wanting to reboot following mass memory usage but ho-hum. Tweaking the effects beyond the defaults is not necessarily immediately detrimental so it's a case of striking that happy medium.

I have, however, managed to crash C&C3 out once when alt tabbing on Deb to past the screenshots used for this review. You get a nice error with debug info and the game painlessly exits although you obviously loose any unsaved moves. That's what happens when you alt+tab in the middle of a FMV movie sequence!
Kaboom! One game crash


Overall I'd say C&C3 was a good game, the graphics aren't bad (though cartoony in comparison to Half-Life 2) and the game play easily puts the game on the top games board. A good networked RTS to replace RA2 has been a long way coming and at least C&C3 can use a screen resolution greater than 1024x768 - ah, bliss.

There's an all star cast for the movie scenes which no doubt helps sell the game and, just in case you forgot what Kane looked like, the same actor for Kane returns. One crash in several hours playing seems pretty good to me and the game accurately detects the computer's limits when setting its graphic defaults.

Looking forward to playing this at LAN parties, best go organise one...