Command and Conquer 3
             Tiberium Wars

Contents at a glance:
  1. Overview
  2. Test machine specs
  3. The C&C3 menu
  4. Structures and units
  5. The Current Campaign
  6. Networked play and playability
  7. Stability and Judgement

Main menu

Animated menus - I hate them! Include them in MS Windows and I'll feel even more slowed down (Vista, *cough*). Put it on a DVD and I'll scream, place them on a computer game and you'll think I'll act any differently?

C&C3 main menu
The C&C3 main menu
Well, the menu in Half-Life 2 was quite nice, it was animated with style and showed you a nice picture of where you were at the time - that I could cope with. C&C3 has a tastefully animated menu also - it doesn't slow you down there's just a couple of animated bits that aren't really a problem. That's fine.

From the main menu we immediately have access to probably the most important part of the game - the tutorial. A lot has changed since the last game in the Tiberium plot line so it's worth playing this. We also have a nice continue campaign option which automatically loads the furthest point in the game you are at.

The last part of the menu I'm going to mention is the options area - it's really important to note now that you can only adjust a majority of the graphic settings (amongst others) from the main menu, don't try changing them in game as you'll be disappointed.
You can configure a lot of the graphics options, turning them up or down as you wish. Anti-aliasing and the water effects being the two I went for first. You get a nice warning telling you this may have a detrimental effect and OK, full anti-aliasing with max water effects did lag a bit on Deb, but it is relatively safe to tweak a few things. Have a play, make it how you want it and adjust back if the lag hurts - I had to.

On to Structures and units