MYP Unit Planner

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The MYP Unit Planner is a lesson planner for teachers and was created following a suggestion from Mr Fairfax of Barton Court Grammar School. Lessons for the MYP have specific requirements and the easiest way to collect this information was to generate a system with all the relevant fields and, being required fields, the system will not allow teachers to save their plan until all the relevant data has been entered.

The main user screen As the IB is an international qualification I felt it important the planner could be easily translated into a number of languages. Presently, the only language available is English but the framework exists for easy translation based on the user's preference. This is my first project with user preferences in mind (other projects have been more rigid).

Development of the MYP Unit Planner is largely based on feedback from users. As an example, each area of interaction is highlighted in the system with its own colour, this highlighting makes it easier to identify the AOI for lessons merely by observing the lesson's highlight colour and this feature was requested by the MYP co-ordinator, Mr Fairfax.