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My first project was Jonsdocs, my website and the site you're viewing now although it's come on a long was since I first started it. Originally, Jonsdocs was intended to be home to all the documentation I write but with the time constraints of a full time job I wasn't able to produce documentation and helpsheets at the rate I wanted to and Jonsdocs lost direction a bit.

After a loss of direction, Jonsdocs gained a feature - my personal blog. I wasn't interested in using a pre-existing solution like Wordpress (especially knowing some of the database problems that it caused) so I set about writing my own blog software. The version of Jonsdocs you see today has a much improved blog backend compared with how I started back in June 2006 and not long after the blog was online I added the ability for readers add comments.

Jonsdocs began to become more database driven and was tending towards being a bespoke content management system, which effectively it is. By continually evaluating what I need to get from the site I'm able to add new features with relative ease. Jonsdocs taught me to use PHP functions to make life a lot easier and this is a coding practise that I've carried through to numerous other projects.

Another feature of Jonsdocs is its RSS news feeds. A feature created as a result of blog reader feedback there are RSS feeds for varying aspects of Jonsdocs. Jonsdocs code is also shared in other projects of mine - I'm of the opinion there's not always a good reason to re-invent the wheel so I try to make sure my code is written to be as portable amongst projects as is possible.

The best way for me to showcase this project is to just encourage you to browse my website - thanks for stopping by!