Ticket Booking System (Skullduggery LARP)

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Skullduggery Booking v2

Early on in our coding careers, Adam and I wrote the Skullduggery LARP booking system. The latest version of this system has been online for around a year now and good feedback has been received from Skullduggery's customers. The screenshot (left) shows the more user-friendly current version and allows multiple ticket purchases - it will also integrate with Games Control v3. Shortly after Adam and I finished the original booking system we started work on the first revision of the Games Control system, GCv2, which has now been replaced completely by GCv3.

Having never written an ecommerce solution before, the booking system was our first venture into the online business world. Using the developer tools available from Nochex and Paypal we were able to build the booking system to be a truly valuable tool making ticket purchases easy and convenient for Skulldugery LARP's customers. After finding there were virtually no NoChex payments being made, NoChex support was dropped for version 2 of the Booking system.

Being able to take online payments was key to the future of Skullduggery LARP and the booking system is widely used by customers. In addition to handling ticket sales, the booking system also enables a smoother customer experience - Skullduggery staff know in advance who will be attending an event allowing customer specific preparations to be made prior to their arrival.

If you wish to book for Skullduggery LARP's events please goto the booking system. Further information on Skullduggery LARP's events can be found on the Skullduggery LARP main website.