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She - the making

She was my first piece of work, originally started as I walked to the carol service of my church - needed something to say to test the microphones. Hence, the first sentences in She was born - It was the 6th day of December and the moon shone brightly over the glade, the stars its perfect compliment. The night was misty and the lights of the nearest town barely visible from the house.

From there on in I realised I really wanted to write something that was dripping with description and uncertainty. I like to think that there was a lot of different possibilities in She; who is she? What's on her hip? Is she a tart? What was the trauma?

It took a lot of writing and made me feel good for a change, being able to create something that I was in create control of. The best bit being that other people appreciated my writing and I received a lot of compliments.

More of She - the making will be posted soon.
What really made me happy with She was the way I could be doing something unrelated, riding to work, logging into the computer, whatever and a new piece or idea would just jump into my head. Actually gave me a buzz arriving at work to find I had something to look forward to at lunch time.

I remember sitting on the train and writing the "running scene" - They split, running this way and that, fastest runners to the outside and on her signal began to move back in to the center dodging the braches and tree stumps on the way....

That was when I decided to put a more interesting twist on the story, one of a number of unplanned changes, and caused Melissa to colapse; all the time keeping the mystery.

I hope that during the story, until near the ending, there were loads of possibilities for She - what was the real story? What was going on? Heck, who was she? It could have gone a number of ways and a lot of ideas got added in a fit of "my goodness, really must do that".
My least favourite She entry has to be the final one - it really was a weak piece of writing but I had planned to end it as part of a newspaper for a while. Unfortunately, after the climax and the ending the real ending didn't really need to be much, just different which hopefully is something I achieved for a large amount of the story anyway.

Temptation nearly got the better of me and I nearly named her on a number of occasions. To combat this I had to add Matthew to bring some of the plot in but not necessarily enough to tie them together that early on. Her house being mysteriously unlocked was in there to add an odd twist but it wasn't always intended to be Matthew, just an odd red herring.

Mrs Lane was also another distraction but arrived with the purpose of giving you an insight to Melissa's life. Needless to say she wasn't a fan of work or her work clothes and, unfortunately for her boss, she didn't like him much either. I did toy with the idea of adding some romance there but that was so far off the beaten track it wasn't worth it.

The cult however will be coming back...

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