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Hey, oi, watch it

Hey! Oi! Watch it!
That's all I hear these days. I can't help it that I'm blind. I have a right to my life and I'm living it as best I can. I'm sorry I can't see you before I bump into you, I'm sorry I can't see you after to check you're all right but it's not my fault. I'm walking along with a long white stick, if you can't see that maybe you need one too,

Hahaha! Look at that man with his little stick, what a pratt!
Please, just leave me be! You have everything and the best thing you can do is insult me? Get a life please! You can see the beauty of a summer's morning, the new lambs in the fields, the white snow, the colour of Christmas. You can look into your wife's eyes and know that she loves you. I can't. All I can do is my best, maybe you should too - you might achieve something.

Mate, you got a light? YOU GOT A LIGHT MATE?
Really, I'm not deaf, I just can't see. I can hear what you say, I can even talk back clearly. There's no need to shout. I don't have a light, never needed one - I couldn't see it anyway, let me go on my way.

Spare a thought for those less fortunate, I have to enjoy my life and I don't stop you. You'll be moaning at the traffic lights next because they stop you; at least they don't have feelings.

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