I own three computers, neither of which runs Windows as its primary Operating System.


Ami is my pride and joy. An Amiga of the modern kind, the AmigaOne, is what gives me much computer usage pleasure. Ami is a micro AmigaOne Consumer edition motherboard with a G3 750GX processor (800MHz) at her heart. She runs AmigaOS4 pre release 4, yum! More information.


Deb is my main development machine. Running Gentoo, deb acts as a testbed server for my projects as well as the machine that I use for writing letters and using Firefox. Deb can run Windows XP Pro but only does when I want to play a game. It was on deb that I wrote JCMS. Why is it called Deb?


Edapont is my laptop and is increasingly becoming my main coding machine, mainly because I can code whilst on the train to work!