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Plato Learning's Multimedia Science School is a program covering numerous topics of the Biology, Physics and Chemistry curriculum. Content is modular and an organisation can choose which modules to purchase - other modules will time out after 2 minutes.


MMSS will not load (File error)


Many error dialogs come up, such as:

Multimedia Science School file errors


Ensure the everyone group has read and execute privileges on the MMSS directories, these may include:

  • c:\program files\Plato Learning
  • Any network shared folders for this application

MMSS License Error requester shown


You are shown the following requester when attempting to launch the application:

Multimedia Science School license error


If you are also getting file errors (see above) then applying the fix for that problem has likely resolved the issue. If you continue to get license errors then it is possible the license key has become corrupt:

  • Log on to a workstation that runs Multimedia Science School as an administrator user.
  • Save the Keyfile, make sure this is saved as .plkey for 11-16 and a .xml file for 16-18.
  • Load Multimedia Science School as normal.
  • Once loaded select Help, Update Keyfile.
  • Select Update and browse to the new Keyfile.
  • Highlight the Keyfile and select Open then click Close.
  • Your Keyfile will now have been updated.

MMSS closes


Multimedia Science School preview ended

A message appears in Multimedia Science School advising your preview has ended and the application closes.


This is intentional and indicates that the module in question is not licensed to the school. No fix required.


Support for this product is provided by RM.

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