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Dancing violinist

On Wed 12th February 2014, 12:30 Jonathansays:

A lot of the music I listen to is influenced by my friends. When I was in secondary school, James and Ben had a lot to do with my choice of music (Feeder, Placebo). Adam joined in (Lacuna Coil, 3 Doors Down) as did Jules (Muse and more recently Ben Folds) to name but a few people and bands.

Adam still influences the music I listen to quite a lot as we're often coding together and that doesn't work so well if you're both wearing headphones. Recently he's introduced me to Lindsey Stirling. a dancing violinist that writes her own stuff as well as performing some covers. I really like her Phantom of the Opera medley, partly because it's nice and long so I can get a lot of the washing up done but also because it's nicely written. Her versions of the Halo theme and Pokemon theme are also pretty catchy.

Aside from spam comments I've not actually had any comments posted lately - have people influenced the music you listen to?