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Synology OS location

On Wed 24th July 2013, 14:44 Jonathansays:

When I first received my Synology DS212 the only disk I had available was 500GB. Since then I've added a 3TB disk but clearly I can't RAID those two short of ending up with a rather pathetic 500GB space.

So, at some point I'll need to replace the 500GB with another 3TB which got me wondering, where does the Synology store its OS - DSM? Shutting down the Synology I removed the 500GB drive and attempted to boot with just the second disk connected. This worked - conclusion, the Synology stores its OS on every disk or on non-volatile memory elsewhere in the device.

Plugging the 500GB back in I'm told the "system disk has crashed" and the wizard repairs it, suggesting to me the OS is stored on the harddisks.

Hopefully I can just swap the 500GB for a 3TB and introduce that disk to the Synology Hybrid RAID to give me 3TB of mirrored storage.

I just have to buy the disk first...