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Music online (Myspace)

On Mon 27th May 2013, 09:50 Jonathan, whilst awake, says:

Many years ago, when the social network space wasn't dominated by Facebook, the social networks were easily split: Bebo - ages 11 - 14 (ish), MySpace 15 and above (ish). There were others but I don't remember them having so much of a following.

MySpace clearly started losing ground to Facebook (who didn't) so started to remodel itself as the place for music artists online - for a while that even worked. Now, YouTube seems to be the place artists are placing their content and with the way it interprets what you're looking at it's easy to stumble onto a new piece of music.

Last night I logged out of email and saw a news article about Kid President and how a 9 year old boy had actually met President Obama having gained popularity through his videos (on the SoulPancake channel) which somehow got me to a video by artist Brianna Caprice.

Brianna's song, Reflections had some very powerful lyrics and imagery. Watching to the end of the video you realise it's a Christian artist and the video description reinforces that. If you're not a Christian you'll probably still enjoy the track so please don't be put off by that.

Some of you know I'm a fan of David Ippolito's music and you can find him on YouTube too - he's worth checking out.

Finally, watching some videos from Beckie0 (not a musician and someone I only found due to an article about a girl taking a photo of herself every day for 4 years) linked to MusicalBethan (Bethan Mary Leadley) and I really like sorrow of the dead.

Add to that you can find Cassandra Kubinski on there along with a load of other artists I like and MySpace has lost that battle too...