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On Tue 21st May 2013, 21:43 Jonathansays:

RunKeeper is a website allowing you to record your exercise, providing some social networking by sharing your success with your "street team". Numerous activity types are accomodated, from walking to hiking, using the gym and cycling. Data us entered by use of a mobile app and it's the Android app I look at here.

I first encountered RunKeeper on a friend's iPhone and was impressed at how our cycle routes were tracked by GPS and uploaded to the website for later review. In honesty, RunKeeper significantly contributed to my decision to get a smartphone. The Android app has seen regular updates and works faultlessly on my HTC OneV.

From the app's main screen you can start a new activity, specifying its type (usually cycling in my case) and define any routes you'll be using if you have those presaved. If using GPS for data entry it can be enabled from this screen (that option is in place of the start button until a GPS signal is found). Reviewing past activities is easy and is simply a case of selecting the "activities" tab and choosing what you'd like to review. Statistics and your route map are available to view from your device.

While logging an activity you can handily enable "auto pause" to avoid your statistics being skewed while you're queuing at a red traffic light. Audio cues are available to provide on the go details of your progress (pace details for the last mile for example) and to advise when the activity is paused. Personally I find these annoying more than useful.

An "elite" version is available for a modest subscription fee which provides access to additional statistics and features although these appear mainly on the website.

If you're looking for a Strava alternative this may be the app for you.