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ColorNote (Android App)

On Mon 25th March 2013, 23:18 Jonathansays:

ColorNote is a note taking application for Android that allows notes to be coloured, as you'd expect from the name. I'm not aware the colours are used for anything other than human differentiation although you seem able to name colours to create categories.

Notes can be linked together using two square brackets surrounding a note's name, much the same as MediaWiki uses for its markup. Reminders can be set on notes with alarms set making this app useful for noting someone's contact details and ensuring you remember to email them.

ColorNote provides two note types: text and checklists, the latter providing for occassions you don't need items in the Android tasks list (shopping lists as an example) or want to avoid them syncing to Google. Once checked, items remain visible and crossed through making for a clear list.

Notes can be backed up to the "cloud" or to your device's SD card and the app claims uploaded notes are encrypted using the AES standard, the same as "banks use to encrypt customer data". Notes can be sync'd across multiple devices via the cloud making this app viable for users of multiple android devices (e.g. a tablet and a phone).

Deleted notes are sent to the "trash can" so can be retrieved if deleted in error. Additionally, the app allows notes to be archived although thus seems to just be another "folder" within the system. ColorNote can be locked with a master password which can be used to lock individual notes too.

The app is free and at the time of writing (incidentally in Colornote) has no ads so is worth a look.