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ForensIT User Profile Wizard 3.6

On Sat 1st December 2012, 10:58 Jonathansays:

I performed an NT4 to Server 2008R2 domain migration earlier this year and a sticking point of the project was user profiles - the settings that make up a user's environment when they log in to Windows. People like things to look the same today as they set up yesterday and companies like to maintain productivity - i.e. they don't want their users recustomising their environment every day. Understandably, the customer wasn't willing to sacrifice the existing user profiles or productivity.

In theory the Active Directory Migration Toolkit (ADMT) is capable of migrating the user profile when you migrate a computer between domains; our tests showed otherwise and that was going to be a problem.

Enter ForensIT User Profile Wizard 3.6 which is an amazingly powerful tool. The demo of the software can handle migrating the currently logged on user's profile and the PC to a new domain, replicating that for every user of a computer (not to mention the time lost for logon/logout) would be very tedious. Purchasing the software, price varying depending on quantity, allows use of a powerful unattended mode enabling you to migrate all profiles on the computer along with causing the computer to join the new domain. ForensIT didn't stop there, however, and also make it possible for you to bundle additional scripts into the process plus all the required files can be combined into a single exe.

For our purposes, the exe was added as a logon script for a temporary user ("a", it's quick to type) and all we had to do was login as that user to every workstation and walk away, allowing User Profile Wizard to do the rest.

If you're involved in a domain migration I cannot recommend this tool highly enough. For the job it does it isn't too costly, especially given the time it saves.

Operating System: Microsoft Windows
Tested on: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003
License: Proprietry
Cost: Varies based on quantity