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Learn Windows PowerShell in a month of lunches by Don Jones

On Sun 18th November 2012, 13:42 Jonathansays:

.If you were reading this blog last week you'll have seen I was evangelising about PowerShell. It seems fitting, therefore, that I let you know what book I'm studying from - Learn Windows PowerShell in a month of lunches by Don Jones (published by Manning).

The author dives right in and explains his mentality is that you should be able to use what you've been taught immediately. Every time you finish reading about a command you have everything you need to know to get to work with it straight away; you don't have to wait until you've read more chapters to use that information. Personally, I find that very cool.

So far I'm 5 chapters in (admittedly not studying in my lunch break as that's become difficult) and already using PowerShell to get things done. After reading as far as chapter 3 I found I was at my desk in the office needing to get information from Active Directory. Following an Import-Module ActiveDirectory and a single line of PowerShell I had the information I wanted - much quicker than manually opening 200 objects in Active Directory Users and Computers and making a note.

I appreciate a book is not a utility but I'd certainly recommend picking up a copy. The other good thing about this book is that when you buy a copy you immediately get rights to the eBooks in whatever formats suit you (I'm using the ePUB for my Sony Reader and the PDF for my phone)..