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On Mon 20th August 2012, 20:47 Jonathansays:

Android Apps series

I bought a new phone recently, an HTC One V, and it came preloaded with HTC Car. I appreciate I'm on my bike most often when travelling from place to place but HTC car can come in handy when driving.

The most useful feature is the fact the phone screen doesn't power down while you're in the Car app - much safer than having to turn the phone back on each time you need to check something. The "home" screen of the app gives big icons for some commonly performed tasks when driving - phone, music, navigation, internet radio - and there's a big clock mid screen so you know the time.

Some of you may be thinking "phone? You can't use your phone while driving" (in the UK). When Car launches it automatically activates your Bluetooth with a view to locating a bluetooth headset / car kit. The "phone" icon itself presents a list of recent callers and a reasonable sized dialing pad. I've only dialed a call from the app once and I picked the person from recent calls so I can't comment on the dialer.

Navigation is provided by Google Maps Navigation which is actually quite accurate. See a future post about that.

Music and Internet Radio aren't things I've used, maybe at some point in the future.