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Trinity Rescue Kit

On Tue 1st May 2012, 13:00 Jonathansays:

Trinity Rescue Kit is a Linux Live CD which is a staple of my post incident response toolkit aside from merely being a useful live CD. I appreciate this blog is called Utility of the week and a live CD is somewhat more than a utility but hopefully you'll let me off.

When booting from the CD you'll be presented with a number of options to allowing you to jump right in. Generally, however, I choose the default setting enabling me to choose options from Trinity's menu once it's loaded. Once booted, you'll be presented with a text based menu which you navigate with your keyboard's cursor keys. Options here range from sharing all harddisks as Windows shares to resetting Windows passwords or bringing up additionally trinity clients. Trinity also has the ability to clone computers making it a potential replacement for Clonezilla.

Most often I'll be using Trinity to reset the administrator password of a Windows system where the user has forgotten the password (or we've taken on a customer from another company and there's no note of the administrator password). Occassionally I'll be sharing the harddisks of a damaged / infected computer to harvest important files before using the live CD to scan the computer's harddisk for viruses (up to 4 virus scanners which update themselves before proceeding).

I've barely scratched the surface of what this live CD can do and would highly recommend keeping a copy in your toolkit. If you find the CD useful, please consider donating to the project.

Operating System: it's a Linux live CD
Tested on: Windows XP, Windows 7, Linux instances
License: Sysinternals license
Cost: FREE