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Sysinternals: Autoruns

On Wed 18th April 2012, 20:07 Jonathansays:

Autoruns is a Sysinternals tool that shows each of the programs that run on startup/login on a Windows computer. True to Sysinterals' form, the executable is small so downloading won't max your bandwidth quota and installing won't blow your harddisk.

Once launched the tool takes a moment to collate information, finding what starts when and what category it falls into. The everything tab does exactly as you would expect and lists the contents of all the other tabs. Drivers are shown (which can be useful if you want to temporarily prevent a specific driver from running) along with print monitors, services, scheduled tasks and other applications.

To stop an item from autorunning is a simple case of unticking the checkbox next to the item. To permanently remove the item from the autorun list, delete exists in the context menu.

Some may be thinking "there's an autorun tool built into Windows, msconfig". While msconfig is a powerful tool it doesn't give half the options of Autoruns. Autoruns also gives a full picture of the environment.

Operating System: Windows
Tested on: Windows XP, Windows 7
License: Sysinternals license
Cost: FREE