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Cool Sites

SkullduggeryLARP Skullduggery LARP - the role play that makes me happy and gives me a taste of another world!


Marilyn's Art My sister's website containing her art work.
Belle's domain My cousin's site containg her forum and a portfolio of her costuming work.
Ramsbottom Design My Uncle and Aunt's main site.
Ramsbottom Genealogy My Aunt's genelogy website.
Ramsbottom Webdesign My Uncle's webdesign website.


Chris' site - plingo.eu Chris' new site - new look, new stuff.
Amy's blog My best friend's blog
Ali's website Ali's new website
Breathe Airways virtual airline Simon's virtual airline
Cantphone.org Andee's Asterisk phone project.


That guitarman.com David Ippolito's website - once home to the I love the company podcast, now just about his music.
Cassie Kubinski's website Cassie Kubinski's site - great singer, good voice, good tunes, make sure you check out her pictures too...


Curry.com Adam Curry and the Daily Source Code
Security Now The Security Now podcast from the TWiT network.
Windows Weekly Windows Weekly - how I stay current with Windows stuff