Jodi Shaw

(Back to Do Not Alight Here) I contacted Jodi Shaw:
On 18/02/08, Jonathan Haddock wrote:

Hi Jodi,

I recently started recording my own podcast and like to include music to bring more interest to the show and also to promote independent artists.
Having heard you first on David Ippolito's podcast and liked your music I've bought a number of your albums.

Would you be happy for me to use some of your music on my podcast?  In return I'll place a link to your website in the show notes and also on my website.  
Obviously, I'll also say the music is yours and where it can be purchased during the show.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon,


Date:	Tue, 19 Feb 2008
From:	"Jodi Shaw"
To:	Jonathan Haddock
Subject:	Re: Podcast music query

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for writing. Yes of course, I would be very happy for you too 
use my music on your show!

I like your site . . .  you seem to be a very active person. Especially intriguing are the LAN parties.

I see you also play Cassandra Kubinski, another acquaintance here in 
NYC of mine . . .