Cassandra Kubinski

(Back to Do Not Alight Here) I emailed Cassie to ask to use her music:
Date:	Wed, 31 Oct 2007 18:31:13 -0800
From:	"Cassandra Kubinski"
To:	Jonathan Haddock
Subject:	Podcasting

Hey Jonathan!

Thanks for getting in touch- I love hearing from people from all over
 the world; it's part of what makes my job so so cool 
(though I'm sure Dave has articulated that!)  

Second, sure, please do play my music whenever you want to.  All I ask
 is that for each song, you be sure to announce the 
artist and record it's from before and after the play, in case people
 tune in in the middle of a song.  Also, if you can post and 
announce these weblinks:

Official website:  www.CKubinski.com

and both my records, "Hold the Sun" and "hiding underneath" are
 available for purchase/download on iTunes and other digital 
music retailers, for your own info and that of your fans!  Getting
 played on podcasts really does help spread the word, and, 
importantly to indie artists, translates to downloads and record sales
 to help keep us doing what we love.

How is your week going?  Mine's great so far...wrapped on the rock
 movie/musical I'm writing songs for and performing in, 
meetings with some agents and managers this week, and writing some new