Games Control (Skullduggery LARP)

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Games Control v2 menu screenMy first big project was the Games Control system for Skullduggery LARP. Written with friend and colleague Adam Smith, we transferred the existing paper based player registration system into a fast, powerful electronic one. Using PHP and MySQL we were able to create a system to not only keep track of players but also their characters, special items and medical information. Reports help us with company finance and also provide medical details to the first aiders on a per event basis and can also provide a break down on the skills held by players attending an event, enabling us to liaise with the plot team to co-ordinate appropriate monster skills. The screenshot shown here (left) is of GCV2.

Games Control v3 add special item screen Presently, Adam and I are in the process of writing Games Control version 3 - a from the ground up re-implementation of the system with additional features to save time and create a smoother customer experience.. For GCV3 we're concentrating on ensuring our code is optimised and correcting the mistakes we made earlier in our coding careers (GCV2 is at least 2 years old now). GCV3 will concentrate on fixing any bugs in the previous system and speeding up the Games Control process by providing features required most in a more accessable layout. The screenshot right shows GCv3 on a typical form.

GCv3 provides more user-friendly feedback in the event of a problem. For example, when adding a new player (customer) to the system the user is notified of any issues from missing data to informing them the specified details already exist in the system. GCv3 aims to really improve the user interface to the Games Control system.

To further improve things, GCv3 is truly multi-user ensuring that mission critical functions, like permanently deleting player information, are only available to administrators. By securing the system with a username and password requirement, when games control is unmanned for a time player details are inaccessible to the public or other persons, protecting Skullduggery LARP's customers as well as its own interests (client list protection).