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Snippets are all the little bits of "ooooh, I really should write that" that aren't complete stories on their own. I'll fish some of the others out of the main blog too.
The waiting began again but this time i was just plain not ready, it was no secret and it showed. As the skies came crashing down around me I saw my tree. The ground around it was calmer, the fire gone, but the tree was panic stricken - distressed. The leaves on it turned brown with winter yet it was still spring and the bark was paler than normal.

I stepped back for a moment and looked up. There was a man in the sky, looking at me. Looking with some form of knowing in his eyes. I remembered all the things of the night before, all the pawns in his game. I said one thing and began the waiting,

"you don't do coincidences, do you?"
The child pants and runs from the tiger to the hide out round the bend. The tiger tilts his head and walks off, its mate not far away.

A snap, the sound of leaf on leaf and the child falls to the forest floor, a scream of pain. The tiger turns and runs.

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