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The kitchen

"Just a warning, my father taught me to sharpen knives from an early age so knives in here will be sharp!"

Seemed a fair enough warning, not that I needed one - a knife that is. Went about exploring an unfamiliar kitchen instead, quite a logical layout and the very useful benefit that if you burn yourself the tap is just there - great idea and a must have for any kitchen.

Unlike my kitchen this one was long, long but not big, with brown furnishings and high cupboards; a welcome difference from my 20 odd years old white kitchen that I'm sure is now less white than it should be. Wasn't long till I had the place sussed out - sink, oven, hob, fridge - there we go that's a kitchen.

What I used to be used to though, which is probably where I'm most at home, is the small fire in my cave. Unlike all you modern people we just had a twig frame and fresh food. Had to keep rebuilding the spit roast but you get used to your, err, appliances catching fire and to be honest it gives a more fun feeling to cooking.

Moving from the fire pit we have a sheep skin rug, not for cooking, that's my bed. The wool is a bit rough now and having seen 4 wives and 3 babies its understandable really, have to keep adding to it and running out of sheep so is that less wives or more sheep? I never can remember.

From there we move to the club cupboard, big ones, small ones, some as big as a deer head but then that's what they're for - can't beat a good bit of fresh deer every now and then but you can't buy it like that in your supermarkets, a backward step if ever I saw one.

Last but not least we have light - the cave entrance or the gateway to the world. My latest son thinks it's the gateway to the other world but he doesn't known any different I spose.

Must dash, hunting to do or is that shopping - really out of place here so can't you just put me back?

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