Welcome to the personal area of the site - the bit that's about me, someone might be interested!
About Me
This section gives you information on me - learn what makes me tick and what I do!
My personal blog - a diary of my life and things that I just want to share.
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The Utility of the Week blog
A technical blog, find out about some of the really cool utilities I use - they make my job sooooo much easier :).
Blogstory contains my creative writing or any writing I do for fun. She was the first story I wrote over several weeks, roughly 1 installment every day. Snippets can be found here too.
Photos of mine and some funny images I've found about the place. I'm using 2bGal to run the gallery.
My comps and LAN party
All about my computers and the LAN parties and I my friends organise
Do not alight here podcast
Do Not Alight Here - my podcast.
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