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My name is Jonathan Haddock and I live in Canterbury, United Kingdom, as I have all my life. In my spare time I enjoy web developing, teaching others how to use computers and building them in general. I've also been known to host a number of LAN Parties.

In mid 2007 I returned to the school I attended and am now maintaining their computer network and website. Whilst I was a pupil at Barton Court I assisted in building the IT infrastructure along with Chris, Andee, Simon and Terry and am putting my experience of the network to good use. I used to work on an IT helpdesk for a software firm and have experience working in a pressured, busy, customer lead environment. The firm writes software used by the NHS and some support incidents can mean the difference between smooth operations and long winded paper days.

I stay up to date in the technology world through podcasts, Microsoft technet and Slashdot. Podcast wise I listen to Leo Laporte's This Week in Tech and, also on the TWiT network, Security Now and Windows Weekly. Adam Curry's Daily Source Code also keeps me up to date with some news and is also a good laugh.

Linux Format is my regular magazine of choice, keeping me up to date with the Linux world and often highlighting new tools and utilities that I can use at work and at home. Some of these tools will be reviewed in the Utility of the week blog.

On a personal level, I am a Christian and recently got married to Jules (January 2009). We seem to be trying to fit all the stressful elements of life into one year - first marriage, then moving house and now Jules has changed jobs (industrial chemist to chemistry teacher). Our house is far from finished with various walls still needing plaster or paint (or both) but it's going well! When I'm not working you might find me coding, gaming, chatting or, on rare ocassions, outside. If it's a Sunday, chances are I'm at Canterbury Baptist Church where I worship regularly. Friday evenings I help run the Boys' and Girls' brigades at CBC and have done so for a number of years, becoming an officer in 2005.

And, if I'm not doing any of those then I could be in costume somewhere, normally in another world, at Skullduggery LARP - very cool is LARPing and I can thoroughly recommend it if you wanna get away from the humdrum of real life, hit people with LARP-safe weaponary (including me, more often than not) and follow some truly amazing plot (thanks Alex and the plot team). All the staff there are really friendly and will always aim to help you where they can.

Failing that, I'm asleep ;)
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My Pet Hates

Yep, everybody has them and sometimes I think I have more than most. I've tried to put these in order - if you're doing things higher up the list I'm more likely to want to kill you ;).

  1. Those who smoke around children.
  2. Women who smoke when pregnant - don't you get it?
  3. Drivers that don't understand what their indicators are.
  4. People that call me and put me on hold, in fact anybody who calls me and puts me on hold.
  5. People, who don't see the big picture, trying to prioritise my tasks for me
  6. Management that can't manage.
  7. Cyclists who ride, dressed in black, with no lights

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